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Shoot the Chutes

Shoot the Chutes was added to the park in 1907. Riders boarded a flat-bottomed boat and were pulled up a 300 foot long, 100 foot high ramp to a tower at the top of the ride. The boat was turned around and launched down the chute in a manner similar to the log rides that are common in amusement parks today.

Shoot the Chutes in 1911
This postcard by Edw. H. Mitchell shows the pool at the end
of the Shoot the Chutes ride.
The postcard was postmarked July 7, 1911

The Chutes
This postcard by Spokane Post Card Co shows a boat splashing into the pool.

The lake at the bottom of the chute was 200 feet long and 80 feet wide. It was filled in with cement in the 1920's, and became the location of the Custer Speedway.

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