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So glad I finally found the website!! Many memories of going to the Nat w/ my 2 older brothers. Remember the bumper cars and catching "gold" rings on the merry-go-round, where I now take my granddaughters!

24-Jan-2011 Sharon Redmond (Spokane, Wa I used to be indecisive. Now I'm not sure.USA)
Oh my God the memories this brings. Thanks for putting this together

23-Jan-2011 Wayne Oien (Henrico, Virginia USA)
I lived on West Boone Avenue, and during the late 40s and through the 50s, my 3 brothers and I, and many of our friends, walked down to Nat Park often. We loved the rides and always came home happy and tired. To cap off a great day at Nat, on the way home we would quite often stop and buy a cherry coke, or a root beer float, or what ever other treat we could afford at Doyle's Ice Cream Shop. Those wonderful times are indelibly etched in my memories. I'm positive my 3 brothers have many of those same memories.

22-Jan-2011 KMeredith (Desert Aire, WA USA)
I remember going to Nat Park as a child for many birthday parties. It was so sad when they closed it down, but at least a part of it still lives at Riverfront Park. Great memories!

13-Jan-2011 S. Land (Camano Island, Washington USA)
We held many family reunions at the Nat and I remember the park well! There was much to love; the train, the Jack Rabbit, bumper cars, feeding the seals, the merry-go-round. This website has brought all those fun times back, and for that, I thank you!

30-Nov-2010 e.m. schimpf (spokane, wash. u.s.a.)
My grandparents, & family, would go to nat. park at least, once a month, back in the early 60's! I LOVED the place, so did my brothers & sister. I'll never forget it & only wish that our kids today could have such wonderful memories! Thank you for bringing those memories back to us!!!!

17-Nov-2010 Mark Boisjolie (Spokane, Washington United States)
I have many fond memories of Nat Park. We were all sad when it closed and we realised we couldn't go there anymore. I was 7 when it closed.

As kids in grade school at Emerson we had a hill behind the school we sled on during the winter. The big hill had 3 pathways going up at right angles and we got good air going off those on the way down. We called the hill the Jack Rabbit after our favorite roller coaster.

16-Nov-2010 Carol Snow (Spokane, WA USA)
I lived in Browne's Addition with my parents and brother and sister during the war (1940s) and remember going to the Nat Park. I especially remember my father buying fish so we could feed the seals in the pool at the park. There was a small zoo - I remember the deer. And, I remember my father taking movies. We had one of my mother and her sister riding the Octopus.

All of us children loved to ride the Merry Go Round and eat cotton candy. It's too bad the Nat isn't still here for all of our grandchildren today.

10-Nov-2010 Roger S. Smith (University Park, FL USA)
I lived in Spokane from 1930 to 1958 and spent many happy hours at Nat Park. From swimming in the Natatorium to riding the Jack Rabbit (and the Custer cars in my early days) to dancing to the big bands during high school days. Remember Gene Krupa?

08-Nov-2010 Eleanore M. (Spokane, WA Spokane)
I grew up within walking distance of Nat Park and I have many happy memories of the time I spent there as a child. The school I attended had the annual end-of-the-year school picnic at the park. It was depression days and it was sometimed difficult to dig up enough money for the rides, but as I recall each ride at that time was 5 cents. I was saddened to see the park close.

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