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24-Jun-2015 Thomas A. Marabello (Spokane Valley, Washington U.S.A.)
I am one of those folks lucky enough to have grown up to my middle teens with Nat Park in the picture. I have two rings from the carrousel, one gold plated, and an old "Plunge" sign which I proudly display in my "man cave". I ride the carrousel frequently with my daughters, and have fond memories of the stained glass wonder it used to be housed in at the Nat. I'll carry these memories for the rest of my life. Tom M.

26-Apr-2015 John Blessing (Tucson, Arizona USA)
The Nat was a big part of my growing up in Northern Idaho. What a treat to go to Natatorium Park for the day. When I learned that it had been torn down. . . . what a sad, sad day that was.

20-Apr-2015 Michelle (Spokane, Wa USA)
I found out about Nat park by researching the clock tower downtown. I went from the clock tower to Expo to the carousel to Nat park. I spent 3 days looking at the website and various websites trying to see everything. A park like this would be a big hit today

11-Mar-2015 Brad Hepworth (Bainbridge Island, WA)
Wow, that brought back old memories I hadn't thought of for many years. Spokane was such a wonderful place to grow up--I miss those times, although I was very young when Nat Park went away.

02-Mar-2015 Melva (Girton) Sloan (Chattaroy, Washington United States)
I moved to Spokane in 1956 from north Idaho. I took my visiting niece and nephew to the Nat several times; and later (early 60s) visited with my own children. The Jack Rabbit was my absolutely favorite ride. We all had so much fun at the park and were sad to see it go.

Today, at 78, my memory is waning a bit. My son discovered your site today and suggested I visit it; I am so glad he did. The Jack Rabbit “ride” brings back such memories. I may “ride” it again and again, as I did those years many ago. Thank you so very much!

15-Feb-2015 Randy Evets (Spokane, Washington Spokane)
Brings back a lot of memories the rides and just the park itself is part of my history

23-Dec-2014 Bob Shank Jr. (Tucson, AZ USA)
Mom and Dad used to take us, often, to Nat Park when dad was stationed at Fairchild Air Force Base in the 1950s outside Spokane. We lived in a base housing project up on a hill across from the Spokane River. Some of our most formative years as kids were enjoyed there. We could see the fireworks on the 4th of July across the river - it was magic!

05-Nov-2014 Bill O'Connor (Humble, TX USA)
Lived in Spokane as a small boy, only went 1 time to Nat Park. My mother wouldn't let me ride the Loop-O-Plane because I was only 2 1/2 yo at the time, but I do remember the let down at the time.

07-Sep-2014 Kris (Staley) Jenkins (Stuttgart, Germany, Spokane, WA)
I grew up by Holmes Elementary. Every year on the day before Easter my siblings and I would go down to Nat Park and get free rides when they were testing them.

As a grade schooler, I made the paper when I tried to encourage each student to donate a dime to save the Carrousel. Whenever I get back to Spokane, I still ride the Carrousel and remember days when getting the Brass ring was a big deal!

We would also participate in all the foot races at the "company" games. I remember riding my bike down that hill to Nat Park (think I crashed at least one time). Loved Nat Park and I know my parents loved it too in their day. :)

09-Aug-2014 Candy Chapman (Spokane, Wash. usa)
My Dad use to get rolls of tickets from the owners, and took all the neighborhood kids, to Nat Park all the time!! That was in the 60's,what a blast!! Oh,and of course, we had to stop by on the way back to get some delicious ice cream cones on Boone ave. at the famous Doyles ice cream parlor!! thanks dad!!

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