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22-Jun-2016 Tom Pickerel (Skagway, Alaska USA)
Though I was only 7 when it closed, I remember Nat Park very well. My family is Old Spokane, I grew up in the Valley, and my Dads Mom was a Garland, as in Garland Ave.
My Moms parents were from around Pines Road, but lived on Garland Ave in the 60's, so I was often able, as the only Grandson, to talk them into taking me to Nat Park many times, they lived at Ash and Garland, so it was quite close.
I remember being very sad when it closed.
Those were wonderful times, like a dream, compared to now.
It was nice to find this site today, Thanks.

07-Apr-2016 Michael Murphy (Portland, Oregon USA)
My dad was a Spokane Deputy Sheriff in the late 50's and later the Chief of Police in Colville. I remember going to the park and riding the Carrousel many times, as we visited family often, living close to the park. I remember catching the rings.

08-Mar-2016 Linda Samson White (Marion, Ohio USA)
Nat Park is a treasured memory from my childhood. My father was in the Air Force stationed near Fairchild, 1955 to 1960. I was 10 to 13. Youth clubs from the base went to the park every year. I remember the excitement walking down the steps and seeing the train at the bottom, which meant we were "there". I loved the bumper cars, the Octopus but most of all the carousel. I spent most of my time there. I had a favorite horse and would wait for it to be free. I am so glad you were able to keep the carousel in Spokane and hope to visit it again one day--but only if my horse is free.

27-Feb-2016 Natalie Richmond (Spokane, WA USA)
I love the history here! I'm referencing your site for a Spokane Vintage Fashion show coming up. Thank you for preserving the history. I for one appreciate it.

28-Jan-2016 Sharon Kay Arthur Knapp (Missoula, MT United States)
I live above Park 1949-50 at 1212 Summit Blvd..in the home of Dr. Otis G. Carroll. lived in basement my mother cleaned house. played at park many times. loved the JackRabbit

20-Nov-2015 Marvin D Petersen (Paonia, Colorado United States)
We lived in Spokane when I was 5-7 (1st thru 3rd grades) I truly remember the exciting importance that Nat park was to me.

16-Oct-2015 Patrick Ericksen (Sacramento, CA USA)
My Dad was raised in Spokane, he lived on Sprague Ave., and every year we would visit from California. I was 7 or 8 the first time, in 1959. I loved the jackrabbit.

But I remember most a visit in 1962 with my Aunt Anna Mae Ericksen, there were few people in the park, it was a weeknight. I wanted to ride the rok-o-plane, and the operator put me on the ride by myself. Only a few others were on the ride, and one by one he let them off, but I was very small, and couldn't be seen sitting down inside the ride, and the operator forgot about me and walked away, leaving me at the very top of the ride.

I called out to my Aunt, who thought I had somehow exited the ride without her seeing and was looking all around the ride. She was able to find the operator, who apologized and lowered me to exit the ride.

I loved that park. My Dad always told me that he had seen Frank Sinatra sing at the park when he was growing up.

08-Oct-2015 Janice White (San Francisco Bay Area, CA USA)
Many fond memories of the Park! Love seeing the carousel at the River Park.

30-Aug-2015 Rick Holt (E.WENATCHEE, WA USA)
Nat Park and I were young together. It always brings a smile to my face whenever I hear the name !!

09-Jul-2015 Jon Farley
Yup, that's pretty much how I remember it. Too bad the simulation can't jerk your gut around like the real one did!

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