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17-Jun-2009 Lois K. (Buckley, WA USA)
I grew up in Spokane and remember Nat Park so well. We would go often on the weekends in the summer. My favorite ride was the roller coaster and have been hooked on them ever since. I remember the carousel that is now in Riverfront Park, the funny house with all the mirrors, and the some of the other rides. I was so very sad when the park closed. I plan on ordering the DVD and can't wait to see things I haven't seen in so very many years.

09-Jun-2009 Wayne Burckhardt (Union City, CA USA)
Thank you for putting this site together. I was born in 1957 and grew up at Liberty Lake. I can still remember my parents taking me to Nat Park when I was little. Although I don't recall many details about it I do know that I always loved to ride on the train. Seeing pictures of the park and especially of the train again is just great! Wayne B - Union City, CA

16-May-2009 Bob Pickel (Avondale, Arizona US)
Many fond memories of Nat park. I remimber taking my older relative and riding the bumper cars and leaving with our feet black from the floor.

26-Apr-2009 L. Clark (Abingdon, VA USA)
This is a wonderful site. I have very fond memories of Nat Park. One that was not mentioned, however, was the 4th of July fireworks. You could (if you hurried) get a parking spot on N. Summit overlooking the Park. The Park was used to set up fireworks. I believe that back in my parents' day there was a pavilion for dancing, but that had closed by my time.

26-Apr-2009 Denise (Spokane, WA US)
I went to High Bridge Park for the first time to play Disc Golf. Much to my surprise, the friends I was with were telling me that the park used to be called the Natatorium and continued to tell me what kind of park it used to be. I couldn't believe it, so I hopped on line and found this website! I have lived in Spokane most of my 32 years and still can't get over the fact that I had never heard of this piece of Spokane history. Over and over, Spokane seems to reveal it's hidden gems to me....what an amazing place...

20-Apr-2009 madeline anderson (spokane, Washington U.S.A)
Nat Park sounds amazing. I wish it hadn't closed. I mean come on, it had Babe Ruth! Don't you wish you could have gone?

04-Apr-2009 J. Felts (Bellevue, WA USA)
Nice job on the website, it brought back memories. I was born in 1952, my brother in 1955, and our mother used to take us. It was a special place, tucked down by the river, kind of its own little world. Being young kids, our favorites were the carousel (never could reach that darn brass ring), and the train, we were nuts about trains. Pity we were so short-sighted, can you imagine how cool it would be now if it was preserved?

12-Jan-2009 Jim P.
I rode a "circle swing" ride with rocket ships identical to the one in the picture.
It was around 1965 at Luna Park outside Salt Lake City.

It too had and enourmous tower and the rocketships swung out over a small lake/pond.
I've always wondered if there were any others like it around.


31-Dec-2008 will rainey (tacoma)
We did the Nat in the 1950ís (my late sister presumably did it in the 1940ís, too). I remember the train and some cars (that I kept crashing).

29-Dec-2008 bob rainey (wilmington, nc usa)

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