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06-Jul-2006 Kathy Tesch (Electric City, WA USA)
I visited my Aunt and Uncle in Spokane for two weeks every summer as a child and we always made a visit to Nat Park. I loved the carrousel the most and the coaster was the scariest. Do you have an ariel view of the park. I can't quite picture where the park was and I was too small to have paid attention where we were driving.

16-Jun-2006 Barb Mann Januscheitis (Minneapolis, Minnesota USA)
I, too, remember the Kaiser picnics when the family would go to Nat park. I remember riding on the carousel..crying my heart out..with my mother at my side. And I remember the "Jack Rabbit". In fact my first inclination is to call any roller coaster a "jack rabbit". I also remember how sad I was when Nat park became a trailer park.

13-Jun-2006 Gene Woodwick (Ocean Shores, WA)
I ran the photo and souvenir stand on the midway in 1958-59. I can no longer remember the man's name who owned(?) or managed it for Lloyd Vogel. He never worked the stand but trained me, etc.

It was an experience operating the positive developing camera for the photo/souvenir stand. The camera was a prototype of the Poloroid set up except it had a huge spool of positive film. I would cut off the exposed segments and develop them in the darkroom. It was fast and efficient. Folks could get the photos while they waited as there were no negatives to develop.

My husband Larry also worked at Nat while he went to school at Eastern. He worked as night watchman at the park. Larry had as his companion a gigantic, black, dog that was led by a cow chain. Not because the dog was vicious but because it was too friendly and Lloyd wanted to maintain its appearance as being fierce.

One thing I have always been curious about--what ever happened to the curtain from the dance hall with all the performers signatures on it? Gene

20-May-2006 gayleana dschaak (spokane, wa usa)
So many, many fond memories. Visited as a young girl -- part of the Kaiser Aluminum worker's annual picnic. I hope more people will submit photos. Thank you.

23-Apr-2006 Cheri (Lewis) Folk (Portland, OR USA)
I grew up in Spokane and have fond memories of going to Nat Park! I went with my 2 brothers and parents when I was younger.
When I was 12-14 - my friends & I would take the bus from the South Hill to the park, and the roller coaster would be our first ride! I also loved the carousel horses (and enjoyed it again when it was set up at Spokane's Riverfront Park).

Thanks for creating this website - I hope you get others to submit pictures --fun memories to relive.

07-Apr-2006 David Swofford (Beaverton, Oregon USA)
Oh for those exciting moments! I loved the bumper cars. What a waste for it to go away. Spokane never has taken the time to keep it's "heart". It lost it's soul when it let Nat Park slip away. What a shame.

25-Mar-2006 Jeff Huddle (Dayton, WA USA)
I grew up in Washtucna, Wa. When our family would go to Spokane for shopping trips it was sometimes completed by a trip to Nat Park. My brother and sisters and I always enjoyed our day there.

14-Mar-2006 Janet Scherf Kearney (Clackamas,, OR USA)
I remember moving to Spokane when I was 5 (1962), going for a walk with my mother and hear the music down by the river. We walked a long way towards the music and discovered Nat Park. I remember being afraid of the monster in the glass cage. Nat Park created many childhood memories.

11-Mar-2006 Thom Nephew (Kailua-Kona, Hi USA)
The warped sheetmetal floor and ceiling with sparks and scraping above, kids yelling in the dim bumpercar course lit with bare bulbs and a wall open to the outside in 1957.
The stuffy dance hall with a "live" band and a breather in the tall pines with a Shadle girl in 1962.

10-Mar-2006 H. Harbert (spokane, WA usa)
I have photos of my Grandparents & Great Granparents at Nat Park, circa:1910. Also many fond memories as a kid going there! The Jack Rabbit was great!

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