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07-Nov-2010 donald lee hesseltine (Spokane, Washington United States)
The picture of the Ciscoe Kid, that's me with the glasses on at the left. My grandpa worked with Mr Vogel and set up security for the park in the later years. Mr Vogel would give us kids tickets whenever he and my grandpa would get together and do buissness. WHAT A GREAT PLACE FOR KIDS & ADULTS!!!!

07-Nov-2010 dave cerenzia (wenatchee, wa)
I remember Tilacum days every thursday. mom would buy a pass for the whole for 50 cents and we would ride all day. The spoksman Review would kick in the difference . 1952. Thanks Dave

07-Nov-2010 Mike Nicholson (Spokane, Washington America)
Mom would drop us off at the top of the long downhill driveway for the day.

Most days I would ride the Jack Rabbit 20 times just to work my way up to the front car. They would make you get out after every ride and move to the back of the long forming line. It was worth it because I was able to "Take it to the limit one more time"

Please enjoy one of my fondest memories.


06-Nov-2010 Dean Westerman (Spokane, Wa USA)
I was too young to ride the Jackrabbit on my first visit, but everything else was okay. Trips to Nat Park are burned into my memory. The anticipation, west on Boone to the curve down and to the right, around the corner, and there it was! I was absolutely crushed when the place closed and around that curve there was a trailer park. This website is one of the best parts of the Internet.

04-Nov-2010 Betty Brooks (Cary, NC USA)
What a ride it was !! From 1952 to when it closed - I enjoyed every minute. I've not found one that has the same 'thrill'. No seat belts, no warnings - other than 'don't stand up'. Hands in the air - get ready to SCREAM !! Oh, what joy!Thanks!!

03-Nov-2010 Gary Hammond (Pasco, Wa.)
I grew up in Spokane in the 1950's. My dad worked for Hartford Insurance Co. which had the policy on Nat Park at the time. We would go there once or twice in the summer, and Mr Vogel would have a strip of tickets for us at his tower office. My brother and I enjoyed the bumper cars, the Rock O Plane and the Fun In the Dark. The most exciting, though was the Jack Rabbit. If we were lucky, we could ride it several times without having to vacate the car.

11-Oct-2010 Robert Elon Mix (Lakewood, WA USA)
I can remember the Cisco Kid, and a few others coming to the Nat. Fond memories of a terrific time, wish there were more of these type of areas now.

29-Sep-2010 Ed Cook (Bellingham, Washington USA)
I was born in Spokane in the mid-30's and lived there until the late 50's. I can remember spending many hours at the Nat during my high school years. Riding the rides, enjoying a picnic in the park and especially meeting the girls. I enjoy going to downtown Spokane and still riding the carousel. It is too bad that our youth do not have a place like the Nat to go to today.

27-Sep-2010 Carl M. Stultz (Puyallup, Washington USA)
I learned to swim in the pool at Nat Park while I lived in Spokane from 1961-1963. My dad was stationed at Geiger Field when it was an Air Force facility, and I spent many hours at the Nat, playing on the fields, riding on the carousel & other rides, and swimming in the pool. I'll always remember it with love!

22-Sep-2010 Debi LaFay (spokane valley, washington usa)
I remember going to the park and riding all the rides when I was a kid, and wish they would bring the rides back so my kids and grandkids can enjoy what I did as a child.

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