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08-Sep-2010 Vicky Roberts (Edmonds, WA USA)
Oh I just love this site! I just returned from a visit to Spokane and I rode the carousel and it reminded me of all the GREAT times I had at Nat Park. Your Jack Rabbit simulation is just OUTSTANDING. Gave me freaking goose bumps! Thanks so much! I am going to go a look through the family album and see if we have any pictures!

06-Sep-2010 Rhonda (Burdick) Yacenda (Columbia Falls, Montana USA)
I was delighted when talking to my sister from Couer d'Alene Idaho to refreash her memory I've had in my brain soooo many years about this park!! I loved this place and remember the rides so vividly It's painfull to think it is all gone now

26-Aug-2010 Randall Ader (Spokane, Wa USA)
Love the look into our history. Seems a shame most of the Spokane natives don't know or haven't heard of the Nat Park.

Working with the Shriners and Sans Souci West, the "trailer park", gives me a greater love for Spokane's history and a better understanding where we came from.

While I'm not a "native", my roots are from here for at least three generations, so I get a unique outsider's point of view. This is perhaps the drive that keeps me here and keeps me learning all I can about Spokane, my chosen city that I love.

22-Aug-2010 Dick C. (Bozeman, MT USA)
Living as a kid 8-18 yrs old in Everett, (EHS class 1961), I visited Nat Park many times in Spokane, and warmly remember the Jackrabbit and the Carrousel and some of the other rides. I did get a very few 'gold rings', but not many. I remember the grand old organ, and was thrilled a few years ago to come upon the original Carrousel along the riverfront park. Thanks for all the fabulous work in documenting and restoring these old items.

One thing that I will clearly remember - all my remaining life - is not shown in the movie recreation of the Jackrabbit here on your website. That is the thrilling, scary look down on the Spokane River from the top of the first climb. There was a cliff below that side (West side ?) of the Jackrabbit, and the river was quite a ways below that.

A few years ago (~2006?), after finding the Carrousel, my wife and I went looking for the original Nat park location. It was easy to find, and is now a trailer park along the river, as I'm sure many know. We could not get to the 'cliff' side, but it is obvious from walking around that that cliff is still there.

Too bad the video omitted such a major part of the ride.

I also remember the tunnel, around the first loop before the first climb. The tunnel was much, much darker than it appears in the video.

Even so, you have done an absolutely fantastic job in this endeavor to preserve what memories still exist. Thank you so much.

01-Aug-2010 Marcia Leiren-Feller (Fairbanks, Alaska USA)
Last week my brother & I visited Spokane.We lived in Spokane from the late 50's to the 70's. I was so pleased to find the old carrousel in downtown Spokane. What memories it brought back when I rode it. The brass ring is still so elusive. The Jack Rabbit was a terrifying ride for a young girl. I can still remember the bumper cars & train. It made for such a fun evening hanging out at Nat Park.

07-Jun-2010 Cherry Rice (Ketchikan, Alaska USA)
Wow! Your web page brought back so many memories. I love the pictures. I remember the Kaiser picnics were held there at least one year in the 60's. Thanks for the good job putting this together!

02-Jun-2010 Jim Cyr (Kirkland, WA USA)
I work at Nat Park the summers of 58, 59 and 60.
The first year I worked on various rides and the plunge selling cut up smelt for 15 cents to feed the sea lions. The last two years I worked on the crown jewell...the Merry-Go-Round. That was the best gig in the park. What a great experience for a young teenager, many fond memories.

07-May-2010 Marvin Hume (Roy, wa)
My memories of Nat Park are of the union picnics of the mill at Lincoln, Wa. we got to spend the day at Nat park and the union provided all the ride tickets you could use. they also provided hot dogs and sodas. What great memories.

04-May-2010 Thomas A Self (Kapaa, Hawaii USA)
Aloha, WOW does this site bring back memories. Aloha,my entire family spent hours a day at Nat Park. I remember riding the Jack Rabbit over and over again. Trying to grab the gold ring at the Carousel, or trying to get thru the fun house. Born in 1950 and raised in Spokane, schooled at Roosevelt, Sacajawea, and LC, the memories come easy, how wonderful !! Mahalo, Tom Self

03-May-2010 Diane Radkey (Spokane, Washington)
I had so much fun on your virtual 'Jack Rabbit' ride! I remember vividly every twist and turn, sitting next to my brother Greg. Thanks for the memories.

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