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17-Mar-2013 David W Jessup (Seattle, Washington USA)
If you aren't old enough to have ridden the Dragon Slide at the Nat, you have missed one of the most fascinating features of the park. After walking into the park past the Custer Speedway and the Jack Rabbit, My parents and I turned to our right. Just ahead and on the left I saw a great facade of a dragon that looked to me, as an eight year old child, to be at least three stories high.

People were climbing up stairs and a ramp on the near side of the facade. The dragon's wings, eyes and wide open mouth faced the street. People were flying out of the dragon's throat, over its raised tongue and landing on a huge heavy pad placed below the dragons shiny front fangs.

After prying a nickel out of my parents and presenting it to the girl at the cashier's cage, I walked up a frequently bending stair case and some ramps.
At the top I saw the mouth of two, closely joined, highly polished wooden slides. An attendant demanded I select either a large canvas rectangle to wrap around myself or a fiber mat about three sizes larger than a door mat. I selected and seated myself on the fiber mat at the top of the slide. I was unceremoniously given a shove.

The high sided, "U" shaped cross section of the two adjacent slides allowed riders to speed around the curves - now in the dark interior of the dragon - without popping over the edges. As I emerged from the throat of the dragon I was propelled over the tongue and sprawled onto the large mat at the mouth of the slide. Someone in the adjoining slide landed shortly thereafter. I could hardly wait until I could talk my parents out of another nickel.
David W. Jessup

30-Dec-2012 Tom Bruner (Fairbanks, Alaska)
Me and my brother lived near Nat Park in 1961 and loved the Carrosel.

26-Dec-2012 BR (Idaho USA)
I watched a special last night on channel 7 (PBS) about NAT. It was very interesting. I had not heard of NAT prior to watching this and wish more people knew about it and had interest in possibly restoring some of it. Thank you for this website and it's content! History is an important part of our local community and why we are what we are...

18-Oct-2012 Nancy Hutchins (Tujunga, CA United States)
Thank you for this wonderful website. I am very moved by all that I've learned about this part of my heritage and so very grateful for the preservation of the carousel.
Nancy Hutchins,
Emma Looff's Great-granddaughter

29-Aug-2012 Al Koenig (Chugiak, Alaska USA)
Man, do I remember this place. Back in the early sixties I used to go there with my cousin Denny (he had a car). I loved the rockets. There is a picture in the gallery that sure looks like us...probably not, but it sure brought back the memories. Thanks!

29-Jul-2012 Lillian Maria Nordberg Hunt (Post Falls, ID. USA)
Loved Nat Park, Great Memories! From 1920's as a child with my family, also 1950's 1960's with children (grandchildren). especially Looff carrousel, (the Rabbit) Roller Coaster and train. Would love to see Natatorium Park return to greatness for furture generations!

24-Jul-2012 a. gooch (reno, nv united states)
I remember as a child going to "Nat" park. The overhead music sound system was great. I remember listening to Sarah Vaughn's "Broken Hearted Melody," and "Do You Wanna Dance," by Major Lance just to mention a few.

The rides were great! I felt safe and a respected part of the Spokane community. I wish that spirit of calm and peace were still with us.

10-Jul-2012 Jerry Emoto (Spokane, Wa USA)
Thank you for a great website about Nat Park! I grew up in the area and spent many days there with friends. We would ride our bikes down the hill to the park like speed demons. The Jack Rabbit, Bumper Cars, and Custer Cars were my favorite rides. They don't make corn dogs like that anymore. I tell my girls about the Nat all the time.

23-Jun-2012 Joh Kalin (North Andover, Mass USA)
I visted Natatorium as a little boy in Spokane in the 40's and 50's. Rode the jack rabbit many times.This brings back memories

12-Jun-2012 Ray Lindsley Jr. (Spokane, WA USA)
Remember many trips to Nat Park. All the rides, the zoo, the miniature train I rode on. Also have autograph from Sky King and Captain Cy, who were both there on the same day. Have old 8mm home movies of the train ride and the zoo area.

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